subdividing land-short plat subvision

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Does anyone in Washington state have any experience with short plat subdivision, preferably in Thurston county?

In order to fun my RV park my mother has agreed to sell a portion of our land that we forget we own. How much does that cost? Who do you hire to help with answer questions about subdividing? Do you need to do anything to the land? Can you just sell it as is? 

You need to get together with a surveyor. They will know the regulations and restrictions in your area. My cousin owns a surveying company in Kelso, I asked him the other day if they ever do work and agree to get paid out of escrow at the funding. He told me they do that all the time depending on the type of work and costs and time frame for the deal to get closed. 

My suggestion would be to touch bases with a surveying company that can get the work done for you. Have them lay out the process and the costs involved. I would then begin to market the property with the anticipation that you will complete the subdivision or lot line adjustment as part of the closing of the sale of the lot. If the deal is good enough for the buyer, they will wait to close on it until you have completed the work. Then the surveyor can just get paid out of escrow out of your proceeds from the sale of the lot. 

Storm water engineering requirements in my county(Kitsap) and Washington are costly in general, and will typically drive project from good to bad depending on requirements. The county will allow you to set up a meeting with them and allow you to ask questions with community development, and associated players.

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