Wholesaling Starting out and WOW!! not what i expected

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Ocala Florida. Hey there my name is Kevin i been WHOLESALING for about a month and WOW!! couple calls coming in with my bandit signs i put out with hard work late at night and midnight but all of a sudden calls start dying out for some reason. When i check this specific area i put my signs around BAM!! gone and the remains of my signs that were ripped off when i stapled them to the wooden utility poles, it wasnt on private property either for the owner to come and rip it off which would be understandable and something i wouldnt do, SO what im guessing is another wholesaler who thinks that area is only his because out of all these other signs and service stuck on the ground and nailed to the utility poles only mine was ripped off, which pisses me off to another level and to also mention that my sign was the only one that had to deal with Real Estate. After putting my signs a couple days later i realized on the other side of street there was another bandit sign, not pointing any fingers but it makes me want to call this person and ask them if they're the ones whos doing this, worse enough if these wholesalers in my area are making a good profit off this they should stop bringing down someones hard work to have less competition considering the fact that im alone and still havent made a single dollar in this business. It just upsets me how there would be people like this out there who try to wipe out "competitors" instead of calling me and asking me to partner up since I DID have a couple leads and would be a rational thing to do but i dont care cause im very passionate in the rewards that Real Estate can bring me or in my future but i know theres another way. Should i call up for sale by owner signs and try to wholesale those type of deals ? theres alot of things i dont know yet but i have come across mad sellers after i offer them my offer but either way move on to the next deal huh ? the more i get into this business the more i learn but it would be nice to have someone with experience guide me. My market is Ocala FL and this is my journey so far. Wish me a good one. - Kevin Prieto

in some places bandit signs are illegal, check with your local city. 

I would be irritated too if my signs went missing, but blaming other wholesalers seems a little shallow. However, if it turns out the case, post up their names here. Will be good to know who not to do business with.


@Account Closed   welcome to BP. There is a wealth of info here and I would start with some Podcast on wholesaling. And reading as many blogs as you can. 

First off you cannot control what your competition will do. And you surely can't loose sleep over how they are going to act. You must take that energy and put them out of business. If they are the one actually hurting you. 

There are plenty of ways to advertise. As far as bandit signs maybe you can nail them to the post slightly higher then they can be reached from the ground. 

Just a side note when doing signs make sure you use horizontal signs (the tubes run horizontal as oppose to vertical) to hang on the post as they are less likely to bend from the wind.

You can drive for dollars, you can use flyers or door hangers and go door to door. You can walk a neighbor hood (walk for dollars) one nice day with door hangers and stop and talk with people. Which will give you a feel for the area. Someone did this to me once and six months later I was still referring people to him. 

You can use postcards or yellow letters though this will cost a little more for postage.

I think if you do decide to call them you should take the high road. Something like I have seen your signs around the area I to am a wholesaler also and I look forward to working with you. Would you mind if I called you if I come across a deal that I don't specialize in. 

I like that approach better than hey my signs are missing and it seems like you may have something to do with it. If anymore turn up missing we are going to have problems.

Lastly I would call FSBO. Probably not gonna be a deal but you have nothing to loose by asking and who knows they may be able to lead you to something. The more you network the better you are. And by networking I mean telling everyone that will listen that you buy houses. Hey that just reminded me of another tactic. Get some shirts made up that say you guess it we buy houses or ask me how to sell your house.

Now go get them.

@Account Closed  Welcome!

It isn't your competition.... trust me.

City of Ocala and Marion County Code Enforcement Officers take down your signs the first time they see them.

If you put them back up... they start fining you. Starting at $50 for each sign.  

Some people put signs out on Friday evening and collect them Sunday evening on the theory code enforcement doesn't work on the weekend... but YMMV on that one.

Personally, I like having the Code Enforcement guys on our side, so we don't do anything to intentionally get them upset.

You can put up "home for sale", "Open house" or even directional signs without a problem.  But "We buy houses" signs won't work.

"Bandit signs" are called that because they are illegal in a lot of cities. Litter laws and other city ordinances should be checked before installing on public property. 

There are other methods of marketing for sellers and buyers that work well and will not put you at legal risk.  if you would like suggestions, please feel free to ask. 

@Neil Schoepp  thanks for the advice !!! im thinking of trying bulk mailing since signs are giving me a bit of a hard time. im gonna try the tube method since signs are what i have for now. 

i never give up though. have a good day 

@Account Closed  

                i never give up though

That's right! NEVER. Each and every day make sure you do something to move forward on your goals. Some days it will be as small as reading a blog or two. Other days you will work for hours at it. Just keep moving forward. You will succeed. 

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