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Hello Fellow Investors,

I'm new to real estate investing, and I was wondering if it is possible to get a conventional loan under $50,000 these days.  Any light that can be shed on this matter would be highly appreciated.

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I purchased an out of town/state property in Toledo Ohio. The purchase price was 55k. Since I didn't want to lock my money there, I put 16k down and financed 44k. I felt that having a mortgage is some sort of insurance: no one sues properties that are partially owned by a bank :)

I used AmeriFirst Home Mortgage (see contact info below). They are a national company and if the prices in your area are low, they will probably finance you.

Liz Terwilliger
Loan Officer

LO# 002904.001

(O) (419) 931-9011
(F ) (419) 931-9012

AmeriFirst Home Mortgage
NMLS #110139
1070 Commerce Dr.

Bldg. 4, Suite B
Perrysburg, OH 43551


Yes, my office can do a $50k conventional. You'd need a 680 FICO and 3% down if owner occupied, 15% if investment property or second home to consider the process. If you are interested, I would be glad to assist you. 

Many chain banks (chase, BOA, etc) do not allow loans under a certain amount. Check out small local banks and credit unions that keep their loans in house. I just obtained a loan for a 43k purchase (36k loan 15% down) from a local credit union. These would be your best bet if looking at properties under 50k.

Originally posted by @Jerry Padilla :

@Crystal Chang

You absolutely can...... Up to ten! 

 then what.

i already have 10 financed properties but want to buy more

@Tim B. he knows of someone who does business lines of credits....... And maybe a route that you can go. Hopefully he is ok with me tagging him. He is a great go to guy...... When I am unable to do financing for my clients. 

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