Sample Hard Money Contract / Deed of Trust?

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Anybody have a sample hard money contract: note / deed of trust they can send me?  Just for curiosity sake - how things are structured.


Adrian, our promissory notes and mortgages (we are not in DOT states) are generated by our attorney. We require borrowers close with our attorney, and the docs are generated by that attorney at close.

They structure the deal the way we tell them to structure it, and our method of communicating that is via either a term sheet or loan commitment and those terms can vary by deal.  Every lender has their own structures that work for them.  My point is that I don't think sharing those docs would tell you what you want to know.  Aren't you really asking how to structure a hard money deal from the lender's perspective, or am I missing your point?

Mortgages are posted online at the registry, so you can see them all you want, but they don't have terms outlined in them.

Ann is correct.  If you need to see some language to incorporate into your own documents, your best bet is to speak to a Real Estate Attorney.  You can do a Google search for these documents and get some ideas, but a Real Estate Attorney is your best bet.

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