Need contacts for folks that do cash out refi’s

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I’m hoping to see if anyone has any good contacts/lenders that will do cash out refi’s within 12 months of ownership. I’m interested in doing the brrrr strategy in my area (Spokane wa) but I haven’t found any lender that will allow for a cash out refi inside 12 months of ownership and I really don’t want to carry a hard money loan for that long. Any contacts people could message me would be much appreciated!! Thanks!!

Have you gone into your smaller local banks and credit unions? They will usually have the most flexibility.

@Jeff Hornberger , after hours of searching and phone calls, I had success working with a contact in the Midwest of all places, and this was even under the 6 month mark of holding the property. PM me for more details... I don’t necessarily have permission to put his contact info all over the internet. 

@David Clinton III , Thanks for the info PM coming here soon.. @Brian Garrett , thanks for reaching out as well. I have reached out to quite a few and haven't had any luck even with the credit union I do my banking with. I have had a few people PM me so we'll see what these folks can do for me. I just didn't think it would be this difficult to find. Thanks again for reaching out! 

@Jeff Hornberger me.  Would like to see what you've got going on.  There are lenders who will do what you're asking, but they're not easy to find and thus they're not all over the internet.  One in particular I know out there will do full value after 30 day seasoning.

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