Seeking pre approval conventional lender, recommendations

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Im looking to get pre approved with a lender in the San Antonio area. Any recommendations? I figure this is a good first step as a newbie. I want to know if I qualify and if I don’t, why.

Hi Ray, what kind of lender are you looking for? Do you have a W-2 job or are you limited to something unconventional (like me!)? Also, is this for an investment or personal property? Finding a lender is a great first step and there are options! Especially if you are a first time home buyer - you can take advantage of government grants :)

@Ray Minjarez I always recommend Andrew Postell. He's on BP. He isn't local (he's in Fort Worth) but I've done all my loans through him because he has the heart of a teacher and is patient with me when I ask lots of questions.