Project Funding...sigh

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Funding our projects, this has been my biggest stress and hurdle. We are working on funding our 3rd project and here's our struggle:

We have an awesome property, quick cosmetic rehab, best school district in the area and great ROI. We had connected with and secured a private money investor. Last night we got a call from them that they didn't dot their 'i''s and cross their 'T's and their funds weren't going to be liquid to transfer for closing. Closing is/was today. Talk about a show stopping jaw dropper.

So what did we do? Well, it's been 24 hours and I can't say it's a success story...yet. We've been making calls, talking to other in our network, following up on referrals to people in their network. Until the bank says times up we are going to keep grinding.

The positive in all of this is that we know our numbers are good. Not a single person has said no to the numbers, the hesitation is just the timeframe to pull this off.

So, for those that want to do this business or are just getting started. You are going to hit speed bumps and hurdles. As long as you continue to grind, think outside the box and work hard, you'll find results.

P.S. Creative ideas accepted.

Have a great night and do something. Active in your business this weekend!