Looking for resources to learn about SDIRA s and SDIRA LLCs

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I have been reading through the forums about self directed IRAs (SD IRAs) and SDIRA LLCs. Can anyone recommend good books/reference materials to learn more about how they work in detail and the rules and regulations? 

Also if anyone in the Boston / north shore area has experience using SD IRA's I'd love to buy you lunch or coffee sometime to learn more about your experience.

Any insight is greatly appreciated!

@Michael Sjogren

We moved an old 401k into a SD IRA & have since purchased a house in Indianapolis with it. Don't have any book recommendations, but if you are curious on how we did this & just want to learn more about the general process please feel free to reach out.

@Michael Sjogren

Here are some good books:

IRA Wealth

Leverage Your IRA

Here are some good websites. 



Thank you @Robin Secord  and @Mark Nolan . Robin, did you purchase the home entirely with funds from your SDIRA or did you combine them with other financing? What custodian did you choose for your SDIRA and how much did it cost to have it setup? 

Anytime Michael.

@Michael Sjogren The Custodians usually take great pains to tell you how it works, what you can and can't do, Because most Investors don't do what they're supposed to do anyway:-)

Glad to have coffee, maybe next week...

I just setup my Solo401k through Sense Financial and @Dmitriy Fomichenko .

In addition to the usual SDIRA perks, I get checkbook control and the annual contribution is raised significantly.  It's not for everyone but I would suggest looking into it.

I bought my first home last month and add raised the value of the [small] IRA by 25%. All without any custodian paperwork.

@Michael Sjogren

Dennis Blitz is who we set up our SD IRA with. Just google him & you will find him.

Yes - we set up a LLC in the SD IRA & the LLC purchased the house. Everything for the house is funded through the account & any rent payments go right into the account.

Don't totally remember the exact costs, but it was less than $2k. That included creating the LLC.

Let us know if you have any other questions.  Good luck!

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@Mike Hurney good to see you here. How are you?


Thanks for the resources everyone! @Dmitriy Fomichenko and @Brian Eastman, I think my first and most important question is whether I can transfer funds from my 401k at my current employer to a SDIRA LLC or Solo401k (I believe I could qualify for Solo401k based on my photography side business) and the impact that would have on my current 401k going forward. I want to use the funds for REI, but my employer has a pretty good match program. Can I transfer my current balance to a SDIRA LLC or Solo401k, continue to make my regular contributions into my employer's Vanguard 401k and get my employer's matching contributions then transfer these funds into the SDIRA LLC /Solo401k on a regular basis?

@Michael Sjogren

In most all cases, you will be unable to transfer funds from a current employer 401k.  Ask your plan administrator if your plan allows for an in-service distribution, and if so, do you qualify.

Any funds you may have rolled into your current 401k from a prior plan would likely be accessible.


@Michael Sjogren  

Regarding your question about participating in multiple 401k plans, the short answers is yes it is possible. see the following IRS website. 


Thanks again everyone, I really appreciate all the insight. Have a great 4th of July!

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