CPA in Lexington, KY

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@Jim Wilcox thank you! I have also been referred to Welch & Company CPAs. They are in Nicholasville and Georgetown. I am having difficulties getting someone to call me back though, a problem I am having with a lot of people (bank, contractors, cpas...). So I will check out Dillion if I can't speak with anyone at Welch. 

Thank you!


@Liz Rogers no problem. IK he has experience in real estate investing and working with investors. Not sure what you need a CPA for but if he personally can't do it or find the time time someone in the same office should be able to. Also located in Lexington so I guess that is a bonus.

lol welcome to one of my "favorite" parts of REI, getting in contact with people. It is just bizarre to me that people don't want to take my money.

@Jim Wilcox right!?!?! I don't know how many banks I called and left messages and NO ONE called me back. I eventually had to walk in to one, which worked out better anyways, but some common courtesy just to return a phone call would be nice! 


Liz,  If you are still in the market, I would recommend FK Perkins & Company, PLLC

Full Disclosure: I work for said company;

I along with the owner/CPA have rental properties. We also have several clients in the rental industry ranging from Buy and Hold properties to Property Management. So we are familiar with the industry.

If interested come check out our website: We have offices in Corbin, and Lexington, so feel free to give us a call. I promise i'll call back!

David Hudson at Legacy Consulting is the best. He does all the accounting for all of our business and he is simply the best.  For what it is worth I am not associated with the company in any other way than a satisfied client of 10 years. With him I have been able to pay all my taxes every year and that is a big accomplishment if you are self employed with my previous account I could was always owing alot more.  He can help you structure your businesses in ways that are most benefical to you and makes sure you get all of your deductions.