Partnership agreement for investment beginners

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I’m out of Kansas City and the son of a successful real estate investor and currently working in Healthcare Sales. I owed a duplex years ago but sold it when in moved cities. Im looking to start again with a friend and colleague but we’d like to get a simple agreement in place first to keep everything fair and straightforward
. Any advice on where I can get something like this drafted at a reasonable price or should I just contact a local attorney? Also, what price for this service should I expect?

Any and all advice on this arrangement would be super appreciated!

Thank you in advance!

Assuming you will be forming an LLC, an Operating Agreement is the way to go. An attorney can draft this for you. Fees depend on facts and circumstances - the attorneys I work with generally charge my clients anywhere from $750 -- $1,500 for entity setup, drafting of all documents, membership certificates, etc.