Looking for recommendations for real estate conferences

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I am looking for a good educational/networking conference to attend in 2019. Can anyone recommend one, even if it has some sales pitches involved? I went to one many years ago in NYC that had a variety of programs (ie sales pitches) but I learned a lot about many different investment options, enough to go home with some ideas and learn more on my own. Any ideas out there?

@Jill Thomas

Are you looking for a real estate specific educational/networking conference or just one in general?

I know that Grant Cardone/Robert Kiyosaki do some conferences across the country from time to time. You may want to look at those.

However, I would look no further than your local real estate networking group. Sometimes the groups bring in a professional to speak in front of the group. 

@Jill Thomas

Look up the mid Atlantic summit. Many of the bigger pockets community were there in 2018. It was a great event in Philadelphia and the next one is scheduled for philly in oct 17-19  

@Brian Adams @Dave Van Horn  and they can help with this years agenda. It is a do not miss event!

@Shiloh Lundahl I am with you on the Summit at Sea. Great content and it is a working vacation so what a great way to educate yourself. Unfortunately for me with it being 10 days, plus a couple more with travel, it is too big of a time commitment with my kiddo in school and work.

I would love to hear others suggestions on national events.

I have been to a few conferences and unfortunately most are chocked full of newby investors without a single deal under their belt and a speaker who is just trying to sell you on an expensive education/coaching package. The exception to this was the Multi-Family Mastery Conference by Jake & Gino I went to down in Nashville. Blown away by some of the people their, investors with 1,000+ units sitting on either side of me. Don't know when their next conference is but would definitely recommend it, ton of great speakers, content and networking with no selling of any education/coaching package.

@Jill Thomas Here are two conferences that I'd recommend which are listed on the BP events page:

Best Ever Conference in Feb 2019 with @Joe Fairless :

#MFINSummit in January 2019: 

@Yonah Weiss Thanks for the shout out. :-)

@Jill Thomas if you looking for multifamily conferences here are a few guys that but on some good ones:

Jake & Gino

Joe Fairless

Dan Handford

Mark Kenney

Brad Sumrok

These are in no particular order. Some have 1 a year up to several a year. Some more sales oriented than others.