How to get Access to MLS- residential and commercial

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I am not planning to be an agent at this stage. I need to have access to MLS (Residential and Commercial) for my research purpose. What is the best way?

Long-time back, somebody told me that in Texas, you can access MLS by giving 30-40 hrs online exam and passing it. You get full access but it does not give you license to be an agent. Could somebody please throw some light on what I need to do?

You need to become an agent or appraiser to get MLS access. It is highly regulated and available to people who have been licensed in their state. The MLS provides information on how to access peoples homes. If you want to have the access, then you need to become one of those 2 professions.

I think you have your answer? Partner with an agent and they can give you info about whatever you need from MLS. Unlikely you'd know an appraiser - agents are more abundant.

Using an agent you get access to the “client” will Not get full access.....agent only comments/info, comps, etc. 

For full access you have to get your license, join the mls.