This community was created to force results and success.

Two client deals closed just last week, totaling $2,050,000.
This brings the total of apartments owned by clients to $56,256,000. These are our client’s deals ONLY, with no URS Capital Partners’ deals included.

Click here for an example of an Elite client community deal.

I tell you this NOT to brag (although I admit I feel like a proud father ☺). I tell you this because I watch individuals breakthrough their fears every day, and I have the privilege of being a part of changing their lives. I am lucky in that I have my wife as my business partner and support system. I have been told that that is not always the case. Lisa and I wanted to create a community where multifamily investors could find that support. That is one of the reasons why we created Elite Apartment Coaching.

One of the undervalued benefits of our Insider Club community is the power of individuals coming together on a deal level to get bigger deals done.

Some of the advantages of coming together on a deal are:

  • These deals become a resume builder for all involved.
  • Those clients with time as an asset leverage those with liquidity, getting a deal done that neither would individually.
  • Our clients learn asset management from the inside out, while participating in the deal – and the profits!
  • Getting larger deals done in a shorter window of time, minimizing the learning curve to owning an apartment building.

Our clients get access to the types of deals that never appear on loop-net… Lisa and I created this community to be self-sustaining, with our clients’ reach growing exponentially with each deal done.

Are you ready to take part? Whatever your resource is, be it liquidity, balance sheet or a strong network to raise capital from, we can help you get there THIS YEAR. Our clients get their start at our Multifamily Investor Conference. For VIP access and info, click here.

-Chris Urso

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