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  • RE: I need help on Repair Credit...
    Replied August 26, 2015
    You can either request a reduction in sale price or repair credit like Elio explained.  We also prefer the credit at that will not lower the purchase price and the lender (usual... See more
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  • Are You Getting Apartment Deals DONE?
    Started August 26, 2015
    This community was created to force results and success.Two client deals closed just last week, totaling $2,050,000. This brings the total of apartments owned by clients to $56,... See more
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  • Out of State Loans
    Replied August 26, 2015 is a great site for endless information.  It's a bit tough to navigate but, lots of info.  signing up on multihousing news is also a good source of market information.  ... See more
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