4 Baltimore City Turnkey Rentals

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Price $89
Location 4025 Balfern Ave, 1, Baltimore, MD, 21213
Property Details


  • Current Rent: $0
  • Square Footage:
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 1.0
  • Occupied: No
  • Lot Size:

4025 Balfern Ave (89K)        21213

3240 Kentucky Ave (79K)      21213

2715 Marbourne Ave (69K)    21230

3228 Chesterfield Ave (79K)     21213

*All are rented. All are Lead Free. All renovated. CAC. Rents average $1050. Professionally managed at 8%.

Feel free to ask specific questions or call.

@Lamont Marable @Tiffany Spann

These are properties that I purchased, renovated and are part of my portfolio. They are not rented to section 8 tenants. I periodically sell off a few to fund other investments. My website: hotgreenrentals.com.

@Chaz Edwards

In that they are under property management, my property manager would have pics from when he was seeking a tenant. Sometimes you can google the address and the pics will come up from the rental listing. [email protected] is his contact.

@Rich Baer Would you consider seller financing or you prefer all cash?  Thanks, Rich!!

Are you also selling the properties on your website or just these 4?  I see two on your website if they are both available

4323 Plainfield  1514 ROUNDHILL

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