Credit report question

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I just paid off a car loan, a CC, and 2/3 of a additional CC this week.

I want to apply for a mortgage, to house hack a duplex. I paid off these debts to lower my DTI ratio.

How long will it take for these to show up on my credit report?

Just wondering if I should wait and how long to apply for the loan.


Agencies report to the credit bureaus monthly. Depending on the timing of the payoffs and the reporting it could take up to about 30 days. I use Credit Karma to track my credit. It is a free service and does not impact your credit score. You are able to look at you credit report as often as you like. This would allow you to see when these debts are off your report.

For the sake of hearing it from a second person, I too have been told from lenders in the past that changes like the ones you mentioned take about 30 days to show up on a credit report. Good luck to you!