Pay off HELOC or stock pile cash

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I am closing on my first deal this Friday and a second deal in another month. Both are single family residential homes that do not have tenants in place. I am putting 20% down on each from equity on personal home. Should I pay off the HELOC as fast as possible or stock pile cash? I don't like debt, but I also don't want to pay the HELOC off. I want my tenants to pay off the HELOC. Any advice?

Keep 1 year savings. Use you heloc as a checking account. Funneling all your money into it and wait till the last minute to pay your bills from it. Using all your income to buy down interest as fast as possible. Once it gets to zero do it again adding the 1 year savings for the new property. Should create a large snowball quickly.

What's a stockpile of cash earn vs. how much does your HELOC cost on an after-tax basis? The answer wouldn't be so clear-cut if it was a home equity loan, but since it's a line of credit I recommend paying it down when you have no higher yielding investment options, and drawing from it to fund future investments as necessary.

Money is fungible, so it's really irrelevant whether the paydown comes from tenants or other sources.

correct but heloc as checking he has access to his equity at any moment in time using all his checking account and bills to buy down interest as fast as possible. Gaining depending on bills 10's of thousands buying down monthly interest instead of sitting in checking doing nothing or orher companies having it. Using a high rewards points credit card for everything and paying it off every month at the last day set on automatic payoff. using that money as leverage also and collecting for myself 1k in rewards dollars completly interest free. Zero interest paid for 2 years. 2k in rewards. 2 duplex properties bought with 25% down using heloc as checking