Advertising a house for rent

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I normally have waiting lists but when I do advertise I use craigslist, my facebook page and I once posted on zillow....  I think if you list on hotpads your listing automatically goes to a few sites including zillow

Every place you mentioned is where I advertise. Postlets is my biggest suggests. 

The real key I have found is picking up the phone AND showing ASAP :) I find most people in my areas are relocating or moving because they have too! Therefore they want to look, find a place and move on. So it is important to pick up the phone, show the house and have your lease, application etc ready. I have lost people because I haven't been ready. 

Postlets & Craigslist

Craig's list works fantastically for my owner finance deals. Love it. 

Craigslist, postlets, and sign in the yard.  They all work. 

Postlets is the way to go.  Simple quick and gets to other sites.  Craiglist is still used but not what it used to be.  Signs in the yard work but seems to get people that are marginal candidates more often than not.

The great surprise by going to postlets was I'm able to get showings scheduled online and spend less time on the phone.  It also is allowing us to migrate our office communication off the phone and to email....priceless!

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