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  • Tenants: "Sign off on move out condition or you can't show house"
    Replied July 25, 2017
    This is why I have a $100 fee for every non-show/refusing to allow entrance to the house in my lease. Honestly it sounds like you have set the precident where they get to set th... See more
    Reply 14 replies
  • You can't rent your newly purchased townhouse
    Replied July 25, 2017
    Congrats on breaking even !! I think its amazing that not only were you able to get out of it with your shirt intact, you didn't let it deter you from further investing! We all ... See more
    Reply 9 replies
  • Can the second wife sell?
    Replied July 25, 2017
    What state? How much? I know in California, at a price point everything must be probated :( So even without the second wife aspect, the fact that he doesn't have a will could be... See more
    Reply 4 replies

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