Hard Wood Floors?

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College Student Rental!!!!

 ok I have Hardwood Floors in 75 % of 1st  floor and 90% on second floor(rug glued down over it).. 1st floor hasn't been maintained at all but there's no buckles and it really just looks old and worn. 2nd floor -I ripped up a piece of carpet and it's all wood. Couple of questions: I realize if they put down carpet could be because the wood is in bad shape but if not I would prefer to have it all wood.( the carpet has to be replaced regardless ) It's 4 bedrooms. Approx 750 sq ft with hallway- down stairs is probably 750 as well -  would you go with resand/poly floors upstairs or rug?

And any clue as to what it would be to sand/poly both floors?

Some tell me 1.50-4.50sq ft

I've never done but would love to give it a go- rehabbed a couple of basements over the years so I am fairly handy. Could I do it myself?


Kevin C

I am being charged $3sqf right now and an additional $300 for a third coat of poly to protect the wood in the future. Job is about 1,000sqf. Good luck!

In your case I would definitely get the floors refinished.  Here in CT we pay about $2 sqft to refinish hardwoods.  Worth every penny.

I have done refinishing in the past and let me tell you its no easy task.  The pros can do a whole house in the time it will take you to do a room.  Not to mention how much better they will do than a DIY.  

Greatly appreciated.  Thanks

Don't assume that just because there is carpet the floors are in bad shape.

When I bought my current primary residence there was carpet in the dinning room and formal living room.  I tore it up and there were original hard wood floors from 1939 which had never even been sanded or stained.  They installed them and put carpet right over...

Some times you get lucky.

I would love that to be the case..  Thanks

@Kevin C. if you're handy, you might be able to do it yourself.  When my husband and I bought our house, he rented a big sander from Home Depot and sanded down all the wood floors (4 bedrooms, hall, living room).  He got a bunch of the poly and the thing to spread it with (was it wool...?  it was basically like a mop... can't remember the details about it now) and finished the whole thing.  That was almost 7 years ago and they still look good.

You'll need a dust mask/protective gear, and don't bother cleaning the house until you're done because it gets all dusty.

I will echo the sediments of @George Paiva .  1st of all if you are doing it yourself it will not come out as good as if you hire a professional.  Since both George and I are in CT we see the same prices as far as getting the floors redone and it is worth it in spades.

Having been there where we HAD to do them ourselves, it is a miserable experience and it will take you a ton of time.  Just one of those things that is better off letting someone else do.  Someone else who does it on a daily basis.

Doing it yourself is not a hard process  with the wipe on poly urethane products. The rental rates on commercial floor sanders and an edge sander with sandpaper will run about 125- 150 $. Take your time with the sanding process( continually moving the sander) Multiple passes. Check out finehomebuilding.com articles on wood floor finishing. 

Thanks all.  Greatly appreciated.

I'm dealing with newly discovered wood floors as I write. Just got a bid for 3.75/sq.ft. Think i can do better so getting another bid. NOT having my handyman do! Profesh on that. Rental agent happened to bring prospect by when I was going thru a long list of renovations I wanted. Apt was in horrible condition when she saw. I told her it would rent to someone with vision!  She put in her app yday!! 

Hey all, I think the OP points out that this is a college student rental. I wonder how and whether that changes the equation? Are you better off with carpet than with refinished floors in that situation? I do flips and we always go with hardwoods, but I wonder what the landlords here have to say.

(and btw, I will echo what @George Paiva  says regarding pricing - CT is about $2/sf, sometimes $2.50 ... and seeing as how we're a more expensive state than almost anybody, I'm thinking you can do it for that price or less in the Scranton area.)

If these are indeed student rentals, I would recommend a sandless finish process. It is approximately $1.00-$1.50 per square foot. The results are not as nice as sanding and refinishing, but the final look is more than sufficient for student rentals. Besides, I like wood floors with a little bit of personality.

I used this process recently on a student rental after taking up the carpet, and I was pleased with the look and the price. I will eventually sand and refinish the floors, but now I can postpone that for a while.

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