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One of our tenants recently began having issues with someone messing with their front & back doors and are asking about a security system.  Single family home; we want them to feel safe; anyone else experience similar & how did you handle it?  Allow them to install their own, have it professionally done, their cost, etc.  They've lived at there for about four or five years and have been good tenants thus far...Any insights welcome!


Hi Cordell,

Our policy has always been that it's the tenant's responsibility to pay for any security services. I would never be opposed to them having one installed because then you'll always have a security system available which can be a good marketing point.

The only potential downside is often times these security companies require a 2-3 year contract. If your tenants are not planning on staying that long then they'll either be responsible for cancelling the contract early, you'll have to pick up the remaining part of the contract or they'll have to transfer the service to their new residence.



I've allowed tenants to install security systems in SFHs, but they have to give us the master code to keep on file. If we're passing by the front door and there's water streaming out underneath we need to be able to go in and handle it without worrying about the alarm and the police.

@Cordell Martin

If the tenants are concerned about paying for a system that is permanently attached to the rental unit, they can check into SimpliSafe.  Nothing has to be permanently attached and the system can easily be installed and removed by the tenant allowing them to take the system with them when they leave. I use it on my flip projects for this very reason. I can take it from house to house with the expense of purchasing and new system each time.

Updated over 3 years ago

meant to say "...without the expense of purchasing a new system each time."

Front Point security allows you to install the system yourself. It is connected to your cell phone so there are no wires. The setup was cake, you just need to use sticky pads that they provide to mount the sensors around the house and two screws to mount the keypad. The entire thing cost around $100 for the pieces and I pay $42 per month for 3 years for my tenants. They really appreciate it. Plus, you get a discount on your homeowners insurance with any security system.

This is why cash reserves and cash flow are so important to me. If you can't afford to pay for a security system on the house then that's probably not a good investment. 

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