Dog BITES cost BIG time!

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When I was an insurance underwriter, I was Liberty Mutual's expert on dog bites.  The losses were astounding.  Pit Bulls and German Shepherds dominated the naught dog list, but Chows were breaking into the list as well.  Dog that bites most .... Cocker Spaniel.  They just aren't powerful enough to cause damages.

If a 'bad dog' hops the fence and bites a kid on on the face, your insurance company will pay $10k+.  

Are landlords liable for tenants' dogs?  Yep. 

My friend's daughter was bit in the face by a dog. She's upset that it was ONLY $40,000 payout!

I require all tenants to hold renter's insurance, and if they have a dog I require they have the pet rider on their policy.

a prospective tenant asked me if I take Section 8. I began articulating something like, "um, well...." Then she followed with, " and can you build an enclosed area for my pit bulls?"