Where to advertise my property

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I posted my house on craigslist, but I need more exposure. I tried to post it on Trulia and Zillow, but I did not get too far without giving out the property address. The problem is, I don't want to give out my house address. Anybody knows where else I could advertise my house without giving out the address? I am very new in this.

Why not give out the address @Becky Ben ? What are you hiding? People may want to drive by the house before calling. Give them as much info as you can up front and you will have many fewer calls from tire kickers. Good luck. 

I have nothing to hide, Rob. I am eliminating crooks and advertising that the house is empty. However, I posted this needing help and ideas, not to start a debate. But thanks

Never heard of anyone trying to advertise a place without the address...

Probably pretty hard to do.

And not very helpful for prospective tenants...

My advice is to advertise WITH the address.

The problem is that you can advertise your house in every newspaper, on every website, and send info to every investor you know but every call you get is going to want the address. There are vacant houses all over the world. Buy insurance. My idea is to tell people where the house is and you will hopefully sell it (assuming its priced in accordance with current market values).