Thank you BP, Reg Flag Tenant

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Thank you BP for the rental screening how to. 

 I just had an inquiry for a listing that I listed on Postlets today.  The email had all the red flags that are mentioned in the How to Screen tenants guide. 

 1. Will take apartment without seeing the inside yet just did drive by. 

2. Needs to move quickly as his lease with current landlord is up this month. 

3. Has his own credit report already so I don't need to run one.

4. Asked if owner lived on site.

Last but not least he is an attorney.  Sorry to the attorneys out there :) 

A cursory google search showed he has been foreclosed on, his bull mastiff killed another dog in the neighborhood and he has been reprimanded by the bar.

Thanks again BP because of this site I dodged a bullet!!!

Yikes!  This one sounds like an accident looking for a place to happen.  I have had extremely good luck with for tenant screening.  I list what charges as an application fee so it costs me zero to have them screened by them.  Plus I have the applicant(s) pay the application fee directly to soI don't have to deal with handing any application fees.  Just be sure you have it in writing and signed by the applicant acknowledging that the application fee is non-refundable if they are not accepted.  I believe is  even listed on this site for a BP discount.

@Larry P.  love Smartmoves and have been using the service since I learned about it here on BP. 

near miss nice job@Karen Bickford

look for better tenants
most of the time morgages force people into making tenant decisions
good luck

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