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The doors in our rental look yellow now that we have repainted the house white. Can the doors be painted or should we just get new doors for the entire house? I've cleaned them and they still look dingy compared to the house now. Thanks

If the doors are in good condition I'd suggest painting them over replacing them. It'd certainly be cheaper to paint them. 


I had my entire upstairs painted including the trim and the doors. Looks great! My problem is that in comparison, downstairs looks "aged". Time to call the painter.


If the doors are in good condition, do a good job sanding the surface smooth and repaint. If you get new doors you will have to prime them and paint them anyways. Just make sure the doors are sanded down good. You don't want the paint to be too thick or uneven or it will not close correctly.
Agreed. If condition Is good. Prep them for paint

I agree with others here, just paint.  Depending on the level of the you can probably get away with wiping them down with denatured alcohol, putting some cardboard down and doing a quick paint job.  I recommend doing the same paint you have for the trim.  I typically use semi gloss ultra white for all trim and doors.  You shouldn't need but one coat because you are just freshening up the white, but again matching what on the trim is important.  "White" next to "ultra white" will look a little gray.  I take my door handles off for painting, but my big brother that's a professional leaves them on because he can cut around them faster than he can take them off/on. 

Thank you all. I wasn't sure if you could paint them but I'm glad to know you can cause it would definitely be cheaper.

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