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I have 9 older SFH's and maintenance is getting to be a real pain. I do most of it myself and enjoy the activity but the frequency and timing of the calls making it a problem.

Some of the Tenants make a pet rock look smart and call and complain about everything.

Others never call and handle minor issues themselves.

I'd like to get a handyman to handle the calls but to have even a low priced Handyman go to the property, check out the problem, resolve the issue with 5 minutes of work and use no materials, because the tenants are pre-Madonna's or are too lazy or stupid.  When they think they are in a hotel, this is about 70% of my calls.

How do other Landlords handle this opportunity? 

@Leon Engle if the issues only take 5 minutes and don't require materials are they really issues? Perhaps you could troubleshoot the problem over the phone with  tenant and have them fix it.  

For non emergency you could designate one day of the week to address  problems and do it all on one day letting the tenant know what day you will be out

I once had 100 rental units in 10 buildings back when I was in my 20's. I had to hire a handyman to help out. I had a daily work schedule for him to do, nothing but small repair and maintenance stuff. I handled the remodeling projects my self and only hired out contract work when needed such as electrical license stuff and license plumbing items. Back then I paid $10.00 an hour for the handyman and he was a live in tenant. I didn't reduce the rent I just paid him a weekly pay check. The way I handled calls was by phone voice mail. I then returned calls the next day or past them on to the handyman to stop by and do what ever needed to be done. I stipulated that emergency calls would be answered right away only if they concerned electrical, gas, or water. My handyman handled complaints by tenants about tenants usually coming across them while out doing his work. He simply told them that this was not his area but to write out a complaint and mail it to the office. Serious things we handled right away, petty stuff we ignored. 

In your case I agree with Karen above, tell them you handle these things each Monday and be sure you tell them how you handle emergency calls. That's my suggestion.

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