Utility Companies Continuous Service Agreements????

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Why do utility companies push so hard to get a landlord to signup for Continuous Service Agreements? If I don't sign agreement, I'll be charged another fee to restart service between tenants.

They can't explain why this document prevents future fee. 

Because that way they don't have to shut off and re-start service.  Something that at least with both my electric utility and my town water departments, involves actual visits to the property (cannot be done remotely/automatically.)  So of course you should pay a connection fee if you won't continue service.

Hi Thomas,

In our area, they push you toward a "Landlord Agreement" which just puts the bill back in our name whenever a tenant removes their name.  We would also be notified/billed if they don't pay their bill and we are not charged for the times it gets switched back into my name (normally $5/service).  Honestly, I think it works well for both us and the utility company- we would know right away if they aren't paying and can start getting them out of the apartment sooner and they get a guarantee that someone will be paying for the usage.


This is a good question. We had one tenant abandon a property, the one house we have a landlord program on with the gas company, we only found out it was abandon because we were on the landlord program with the gas company and got a letter 7 days later after the tenant terminated service; had it not been for that we wouldn't have known it was a abandon and the clown left all the upstairs windows open.

But I don't know if the landlord program means we are responsible for the tenants bill if they don't pay. My understanding is in our area gas and electric are the tenants responsibility and follow them, but I don't know if the landlord program messes that up so we haven't signed up for it with any other houses. I am curious to what you will find out.   in our area they don't disconnect anything for a few months so there is no charge if there is a lag.