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Any recommendations for property management in Las Vegas?

@Phillip Dwyer just in Vegas in general. Is there property management that caters more to different areas of Las Vegas?

@David Bell  Different firms tend to be better at different things.  For instance, most of the properties I manage are single family detached houses from Green Valley to Inspirada.  If you had a strip center downtown, I probably wouldn't be the go-to guy.  Location and property type make a difference.  There are several other factors as well, but this will help narrow the search quickly.

@David Bell

Location is not really an issue because the Las Vegas metro area is relatively small. What really matters is the type of property/tenant. We use multiple types of property managers.

  • Class A & B - Traditional property managers. The key here is tenant screening and proactive cost management.
  • Class C - Properties in undesirable areas with cash based tenants. Key here is rent collection, cost control, proactive in dealing with skips and evictions.
  • Large multi-unit properties with no federal reporting requirements.
  • Large multi-unit properties with federal reporting requirements.

You need to match the property manager to the type of property/tenant.

I would have to agree with @Phillip Dwyer  area does matter. If you have high rises you want to deal with a PM Co that specializes in these types of properties. If your rental is in North Las Vegas you would want a company that is close by or has a reason to be in NLV all the time so they keep tabs on your property. Someone who is based out of Henderson and does PM for properties mostly in Henderson would typically not be in NLV as often and it would be more difficult for them to keep up with what is happening at the property. As @Eric Fernwood  stated Vegas is all relatively close so it would not be impossible for a PM Co to travel across town to make it happen but I would use a PM that specializes in your area and your type of property.

Best of luck! 

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