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I previously posted a thread about having problems with my landlord and he wouldn't accept my rent and filed for eviction. In summary I had some arguments with my landlord about major issues not being fixed and instead of fixing them he refused to take my rent and served me with an eviction notice for non-payment of rent. When I got the notice, I sent the rent check to the attorney who sent the notice and was listed on the eviction document, so it was very clear I had paid the rent. The following month, I sent a check to the landlord for the rent (he usually only accepts cash). I then received a notice to go to mediation for eviction. I went to the mediation today and I was told the landlord received a judgement order for $800 against me. I was shocked and confused and the lady from the mediation said that I was supposed to send my rent check to the court, not to the attorney. So because I did that, there was a hearing in which the landlord was awarded $800 for 'legal costs'. I don't understand how a hearing could have been conducted without me, the defendant being informed of a time and date. Secondly the mediator informed me that as I am on a month to month lease, by law the landlord is only required to give me 15 days notice to leave. She said I can leave voluntarily in 15 days or go before a judge who will tell me I have 15 days to leave. The court date is set for a 6 August and I would say I'm quite upset by the whole debacle. I have to leave the country in October so I can't go and get another lease on a house. I have a ton of furniture and possessions and I'm quite dismayed about what to do. Realistically, the only thing I can think of is to try to find a house to buy within the next week to move into and store all my furniture and stuff. I think the answer is no but is there any way to appeal/contest the $800 judgement order? This is all such nonsense and I would really appreciate some advice from people who know this area of the law? Thank you

Usually only have so many days to appeal and there is probably paperwork to be filed and there may be additional money that you have to posted for the appeal.

You should seek the counsel of a real estate attorney that specializes in landlord-tenant law in your area, not just a general real estate attorney. A attorney that specializes in landlord-tenant law can give you some professional advice on what to do in your particular situation.

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