Renting the other side to my first duplex

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Hello All! I did it! I officially own my first Duplex. Each side is an identical 2000 sq ft with 4 bedrooms and 1.5 baths. I have been living in it for about a month now  and have yet to find a renter for the other side. I tried Craigslist and only got a few shady inquires. I think it may be the time of the year, but I am wondering if anyone has any tips or tricks that would help me find my first renter! Thanks.

@Nicholas Natale . Congrats on your first Duplex.  Sounds like a nice property.  Try using Zillow or something similar to post an ad, Zillow then posts it on a few different sites as well.  I also like to put my requirements in the ad to see if the applicants read them.   Hope this helps.


@Nicholas Natale

I like to point out that good landlords are good internet marketers. I say that to encourage you to up your game and post on your Facebook and by every online means at your disposal.

Don't forget your real world networks as well. Post at work and on every bulletin board that might be seen by qualified rental applicant.

Don't tolerate your vacancy. You are at war! Go get'em!!!

Promptly respond to all inquiries is the best and hottest advice. People just move to the next listing if you don't respond quickly. Make sure you have all your paperwork, ready for the new tenant, so when they apply your set and not scrambling for what kind of lease you need.

Have you gone to look at any similar duplexes in your area, are you priced right? Refresh and repost your listing in several categories, try not listing as many bedrooms it may be to many drop down to 3 and see if you've get any change in interest.. sounds dumb but I list a 1 br as a "studio" and I get more responses.  Don't say duplex in ad say home, or apartment in a separate listing. 

Do you have some great photo's? Is the curb appeal pleasing? 

Consider offering less than a year lease term, just put Great Lease Terms in your ad. and see if that generates any interest,, if they say how long is your lease just say what term length do you foresee and go from there. 

Make sure you list your amenities, close to shopping , schools, garage, nice yard, can grill outside? I wouldn't encourage pets but be ready for the question. 

Do you have any drive by traffic, Post a nice sign in the yard ... couldn't hurt.

Don't be patient !! do as much quick ad changes and take fresh photo's ASAP for your postings.

the perfect person is 1 phone call away ,, so answer the phone. I hate email responses, I list a phone number and I answer calls. 

@Nicholas Natale , when posting your ad on Craigslist, here are some tips to protect you and potential renters from CL scammers.

DON'T post the actual address. Post nearest cross streets so people know the general area, but scammers can't steal your listing, post it for less, and take advantage of unsuspecting renters.

DO watermark your images with your phone number. This prevents those CL scammers from using your images.

How are you priced compared to other units?

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