Snow Removal, Costs & Contracts, what do you pay, what is best

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So with winter almost here I'm interested in hearing what's best for snow removal.

Do you  contract for the season?

Do pay entire season up front or monthly with contract rate?  by snow fall amount?  or by trip?

What's your average cost per snow removal plowing. 

I know some have HUGE complexes but just wanting a idea of maybe like a lot size equivalent to service like area of 3 homes next to each other.. 

Thanks, but I don't want or intend to buy a plow. 

I paid 1675.00 for seasonal contract 11/1 to 4/1 for my lot last year, It's basically about same sq footage of 4 residential driveways.  The company was to come if we had 2" of snow or more, He was not dependable and I had to call him each time it snowed to figure out when he'd be there and was rarely within 24 hours of snow fall.  The year before I also had contract guy seasonal service and he was a jerk also never showed and wouldn't answer his phone.

I'm leaning toward just sitting at end of driveway with Cash in hand waving at plow trucks that drive this season.

My guy charges $200 to plow and salt after 2". I have 25 spaces and front and back sidewalks. He also happens to be my grass mower, so he gets my business all year round

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