Separate Phone number app or service help needed

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My question is:  

What app's or services for a separate phone number to make and receive calls and voicemail service are best suited for property management needs, without having to carry a second phone or pay for a second cell phone.  I want to use my personal cell phone (but not its personal number) and  have an app or a service that I can use on this personal cell for making and receiving calls to / from this new and SEPARATE phone number.

I do a lot of communication via email with prospective and current tenants, is the best way to just get a generic email for each LLC or share one or is that an issue to have separate emails? Same for phone number(s), is more than 1 needed?


I'm currently placing my single family home rentals (4 of them) in LLC's and therefore do not want to use my personal phone number and email address for leasing and property management that we do ourselves any longer. The property management is easy enough with occasional consult with a local real estate attorney and other property management friends. We do not have a property management business we only have (4) rentals and don't have the requisite experience form one at this time. We both have full time jobs, but do have the time to appreciate the $600+ a month savings by not using a property management company and managing them ourselves and have been doing so with easy for 7+ years.

I'd love to hear how others have communications set up outside their personal cell or email, what they like don't like and the limitations and advantages of one service or app over another etc....  

I echo that. I use Google Voice and I'm able to receive calls and send texts without having a separate phone. It works for me. In fact, I no longer give out my carrier number, but use my Google voice number exclusively.