Any feedback on Cozy's "Rent Estimate"?

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Considering giving this a shot but curious if other folks have used it and what feedback they have.  

Thanks in advance.

@Brad E. ,

I have never use it, but it's a good place to start.   Check out direct comps-- and adjust your price based on amenities +/-.   Make sure your price is according to the market, and it will go quick!

 I will say, with one of our rentals, Trulia listed us as "best value" in the area, and that definitely helped as the demand was ridiculous!   If you can  get something like that, it will help yours stand out and get the most attraction!

Thanks @Linda D.

Im looking at comps too.  Was just wondering if the cozy report was worth it.

Any idea how to get Trulia to list you as best value?  Did you have to pay for that?  That's awesome.

nope,  it's based off price/sq ft.   

Personally,  I don't think it is worth it. 

I have never used it. I think the only real way to set your rent is to do your own due diligence and see what your market will hold. If you cash flow in a wide range of prices, you can always set at what you think might be a little low and see what the market tells you. 

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