Used SmartMove many "collections"

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Hello, just ran my second potential tenant through SmartMove, it lists 11 collection accounts but gave her a rating of accept. Shouldn't I be extremely leary of "collections"??? 

@Joyel Curtis
It's important to come up with your own criteria and don't just use theirs. Think of what your target tenant is and then develop criteria from there.

I use Smartmove but rarely pay attention to their recommendation because the credit score is just one of my metrics for qualifying.

Hope this helps

Based on the history of collections, I would sure try to select a better qualified candidate.  The recommendation is not the only deciding factor for choosing your tenant.  I also interview them casually and observe their behavior and answers and their car.  Then, it's not a bad idea to drive by to where they live now, etc.

Thank you, I really appreciate all the advice!!

@Joyel Curtis Collections for utilities are absolutely a problem. Medical bills, maybe. Credit cards, less. If they have been in collections a while, they know the game and aren't scared of the calls, so you don't have to worry about them paying the collectors vs. their rent. BUT, those could turn into judgments that could garnish wages, which will depend on your state laws. If they are fresh collections, be wary that they'll get freaked out by the threats and pay the collector your rent money on the 29th.

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