Online Property Management Software. Recommendations?

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What online property management software systems are recommended?   I am leaning towards, but I've heard good things about other sites as well.   

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Samuel,

What features are you looking for in a property management software? 

@Jenifer Kynor I am looking for something that allows my tenants to pay rent electronically, screen new tenants, organize property files, market my properties, and anything else that is deemed helpful when managing properties.  

I am closing on my first multifamily property at the end of this month, and am leaning towards cozy. But I'm interested to hear the perspective from experienced landlords about management software. 


Hi Samuel!

I will go ahead and reach out to you. 

Is TurboTenant able to accept online rent payments?  I looked at that a while ago but since it did not take online payments I moved on, but in general I liked what I saw.

I am currently experimenting with Rentigo and Cozy.  I have 1 tenant on each.  Just a quick rundown on what I have found so far:

- Rentigo

PROS: Nice dashboard, good mobile app, repair request management; able to set up late fees automatically.

CONS: Slow to pay - this is my first month using them and they are blaming payment delays on their verification process.  Tenant payed on the 1st and have not received payment yet (14th).  They say it is coming tomorrow. Also, unable to accept multiple payments or multiple accounts for the same rent. Cannot manage properties without having account.  Since I have 1 tenant of a duplex using it, i have no way to show/manage the other tenant in the software.  Therefore it shows 50% vacancy even though both sides are occupied.


PROS: ease of set up; it works.  Allows multiple payments for rent, allows for maintenance requests but does not auto notify selected vendors like Rentigo (that is a nice feature); text when tenant pays and when money is deposited.

CONS:  not able to set up late fees; no mobile app (but web site is mobile friendly)

Right now they both have +'s and -'s, but the lead right now goes to Cozy only because I have all the money in my account which is very important to this business.  

Not ready to go to a premium system with monthy payments.  Once I hit 10 units the economics make better sense.

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