Verifying income for applicants moving from another area

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Hello!  Im in the process of screening some applicants, one of whom is moving from out of state.  They are currently employed but when they move here they will be leaving their employer.  I spoke with the current employer and the applicant received positive feedback.

So my question is how do you guys deal with a situation where an applicant looks good on all aspects of the application, but they are moving to a new area and haven't yet established employment?  


If a trade guy like plumber, sales girl etc where they demonstrate to have adequate savings to sustain and good credit I do not see why. However, it is a musician, artist I will hesitate.

Few people are interested in housing at this time of the year until next spring. That includes sunny California.

Reject their application and concentrate on those that do qualify. There is no reason to compromise your standards to force applicants to qualify. There is no reason to believe this applicant will keep his new job, very high risk. If you choose to compromise your standards make sure you put him on a M2M lease to protect yourself.

Let mom and pop accept the risk of renting to risky applicants.

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