Prop management wants rents assign Section 8 rents, can I say no?

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Recently new property management (Jul'17) want me to assign Section 8 rents directly to property management company. I have been receiving Section 8 rents direct deposit to my bank account for past 3 years, and sending PM rent information. I heard from other owners that PM have not been sending any rent checks since Jul'17. Even owners who have sold their building in Oct'17 have not gotten their rent checks.

I do not think PM is doing a good job. I send PM Section 8 rent rolls each beginning of month. I do not want to assign my rents to PM. 

Can I say no?


Additional info. There is an HOA who recently gave approval for PM to assign Section 8 rents.

Can I still say no? If no, is there anything that HOA can do to me? ex. monetary fine.


You're the boss here. You can make any arrangement that you want. If you don't think they are doing a good job there are plenty of options. I opted to assign S8 rents to PM because for me it made sense that if they are taking care of the rents, they might as well take care of all the rents. I don't understand your second post about the HOA giving approval for PM to assign rents. What does HOA have to do with this?

@Christine Swaidan

The HOA board hired the property management company. The HOA board I assume say what owners can and cannot do. Some issues require a vote. For example, if HOA wants the buildings painted, and I do not. I don't think I have a choice.

This issue with Section 8 rents, it was going to me directly for past 3 years. Now, it was changed by HOA. I personally will not, and seeing what are the consequences.