tulsa rentals- 2/1 v 3/1 query

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Tulsa investors: Does anyone have experience renting out 3 bedroom vs 2 bedroom SFH's in the TU area? I'm looking to potentially buy another property down that way and my agent is telling me it's much harder to rent out 2 bedrooms. Has this been anyone else's experience? My 3/1 in the TU area has done well and has been easy to rent. Don't want to get into a difficult long distance situation. Thanks!!

I think it depends on the area. If you buy in the outer areas: sand springs, glenpool, Sapulpa. the 3 bd do better. Most families want 3 bd because of kids. If you have a 2 bd in brookside, cherry street or where more young couples are, you can get good renters.  you could also do a 2 bd and rent it by the room. Good luck

I think in the immediate area around TU, there should be no discernible difference in $/per room that you can get for rent especially if you are looking to market to college kids. If you go the other direction and want young professionals, and stay in a 2/1 you need to expand you area as @Guy Yoes mentions above to Brookside, Pearl, or north of OSU. Good luck!

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