Lake Havasu City, AZ - Property Manager Chat

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I am looking to chat face to face with a local Lake Havasu City Property Manager/Investor/Realator. I am looking to buy a rental/vacation home in Havasu, but want to get to know the market.

My fiancé has been vacationing in Havasu his whole life, but I have only been going the last five years and we pretty much stay to the island and the water. I want to talk to some local investors and manager to see he different neighborhoods, development trends, planned development, etc.

I will be in Havasu Friday (6/1) morning to Monday (6/4) noon-ish. And I am more than happy to buy a coffee or beer to chat and get to know the area better.

I live here. There are tons of realtors in LHC. What type of property are you looking for? Unfortunatly I work the days you will be out here. If you come out again let me know.