Section 8 Tenant Screening - What Co do you use?

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Hey Michael,

It's very important to do a comprehensive screening on all of your applicants above the age of 18. I always recommend running a full background check, credit check, and eviction report. Normally, it's free to you as the landlord, but not to the applicant. I think it's better to charge a tenant to test their seriousness about renting your property. If it's free to them, you'll see the same tenant applying to properties all around your area.

In addition to a full tenant screening, you can request pay stubs, w2, etc. in the application they submit. Finally, in their application, ask for landlord references and their employer's phone number to verify that they work there.

If you need a tenant screening service recommendation, please feel free to reach out directly through personal message!

@Michael P.   Sorry to be late to this post but if you are seeking section 8 tenants make sure to comply with section 8 regulations when doing your screening and when drafting your lease.

The same is largely true for Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH or HUD-VASH).