Adult Foster Care as Tenant?

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I have a rental home in the suburbs of Portland, OR (in Clackamas County) and have been asked by two separate people if I would consider renting it out as an adult foster care home. My other real estate is SFR so I'm not familiar with this type of tenant. The issues I've thought of so far...

damage to home from medical equipment / biologicals

extra insurance requirements for landlord

income stability

I'm sure there are other things.  Does anyone have experience renting out to adult foster caregivers and have any insight to share?


You can get much higher rent but you would want to rent it as you would a commercial space since it would be for a business. Since AFCs are licensed through the county DHS you may want to call clackamas County to find out if there are any additional requirements for the property owner. 

I am currently looking for a AFC property in Multnomah for a client of mine.