How to pay a fine in Indianapolis from abroad?

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I just got a fine in Indianapolis for the grass being too tall in the property. By the time I got the warning letter, they already abated it and sent me a letter, telling me that I have 10 days to pay, of which only 3 days were left by the time I got the letter.

They are asking for a cheque or a money order. Neither of which I'm managing to get here in the UK. Aside from the fact that I'm going to get fined on not paying it in time (and since their deadlines are so short, I don't see how I can ever get out of that cycle yet), any ideas how to pay it?

I could get a travelers cheque or a bank draft. I sent them an email and I call later to see if they'll accept either. Does anybody know if either of those are likely to work? As people in the UK are not familiar with what a money order is, I'm not sure they'll be familiar with a bank draft and I'm not sure whether the problem here is financial methods or language.

Thank you.

Call the town office and ask them if they will take your credit card over the phone. Most municipalities do take credit cards. Make sure the notice is legit. Also ask for an extension to pay if you actually reach a person by saying you  are currently out of the state.