Help! Utility company wants extra $4,500 to redo functioning gas

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Hello. I have a Wisconsin property with two buildings on a lot and the front building had a fire in December last year. I have collected the entire insurance payout and had started demolition in April. The back building is a duplex with no damage and both units are tenant occupied. The utility lines did not get damaged and have been fully functioning. Then I received a surprise bill with this message.

"WE Energies gas removal cost is $4,500. They have to bore from the alley to extend the gas service to the rear house, in addition to moving the gas meters on the rear property to the south side of the house to be in a more safe place. I (contractor) also, have to removal the retaining wall to give them access to complete the process (cost $4,252). I will need the check from the owner to get this process started by next week Wednesday. "

Has anyone experienced this? Any suggestions on who to hire to fight this?

Thanks everyone.

Your best bet is to find a contractor that knows how to deal with the gas co.  Chances are the gas co. didn't pay much attention to doing the job the most cost-efficient way.  

However there is a chance that the gas co. is required to run the line from the main to the meter.  Either way, it's worth calling around and asking local contractors about it.