Tenant subleasing air bnb

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I am looking into a SFH in TX that has a detached loft. I heard of some people allowing tenants to sublease detached rooms and either increasing their rent to (tenant would keep profit from sublease) or offering a discount if the tenant manages the subleasing through say air bnb (landlord keeps profit from sublease). Does anyone have experience in this or have recommendations in setting this up?

@Chad Smith I would not allow it and most leases specifically forbid sub-lease by the tenant. You are assuming the tenant will do a good job of managing YOUR property? You think they will not rip you off or conduct any unethical business practices on your property? There are landlord tenant laws that they probably have no idea of and somehow I think you would be held responsible for any illegal or unethical practices done by the primary tenant. Nobody will manage your property better than you, but you are the owner and that puts responsibility on you.