Security Deposits in Pennsylvania

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In the state of Pennsylvania, how long does the landlord have to give you back your security deposit or give a list of damages? Also, what are the repercussions if he doesn't do either? Thank you.

Your state landlord tenant regulations will out line all the details. You will likely find them on line and should keep a paper copy of them with you at all times.

You must know th elaw to operate your business.

Hi Steven,

Are you referring to property in Sunbury? I have a few rentals in Northumberland County.

There is PA landlord/tenant law and of course your local administrations to consider, like the City of Sunbury and Northumberland county officials. Not to mention HUD Section 8 if applicable. You should understand our law as stated by Thomas because you don't want to chance tenants complaining to anyone much less seeking advice from these officials usually prior to contacting an attorney.

One time, I had an employee for the local magistrate warn me while I was there to file an eviction that previous tenants had come in asking what to do to get their security deposit back from me. It was under the thirty days but they had wanted it back from me immediately and when I informed them 30 days by check from my business account they went to the magistrate.  

Here are some resource links I use, I hope you find them useful. I also have a good real estate attorney.

Hey Steven.

Deposit in full or list of deductions with remainder due to tenant (if anything is due to them) must be in the tenants hands within 30 days of vacating the property or you could be responsible for up to twice the deposit (with no damages taken out).

Note, timeline doesn't start when the lease ends. If the tenants hands you keys on the 25th and their lease ends the 30th, day 1 is the 26th, not the 1st of the following months. I've been tripped up on this before. 

And being late doesn't guarantee the tenant double deposit but there are a lot of magistrates who ask when they moved out and when they received the deposit and if you're late the judge will say right there "double deposit to tenant" and won't hear anything else.

thank you everyone. I was asking because I moved out of my apartment on June 30th. Told my landlord I was moving out. He directed me towards the property manager. she said to leave the keys on the counter as I moved out and to put a forwarding address in the drop box. I did that. Now, July 27th, my former landlord is claiming I didn't leave a forwarding address. And yes, this was in Sunbury, Pa. And the lease expired about 9 years ago and I was just doing a month to month rental agreement.

If you did not provide a new mailing address in accordance with how the lease requires communications to be delivered (typically using first class mail), then the PA law relieves the landlord of liability; see part (e) in link below: