How to Screen International Student

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I had someone apply who's a Nigerian Exchange Student that's only lived in the states for 2 years He's working full time making $840 per week & meets the income requirements The problem is he doesn't have a social security number. I'm unable to run a credit or background check without it. He had a license that he gave me. Other than this, he looks good. No pets, has a couple references, but I'm concerned I can't dig deeper into his background. Has anyone else ever experienced this situation? How would you deal with this? Thanks
@Tanya F. He works as a manager at a gas station in Downtown Detroit. He showed me the last 3 weekly pay stubs showing $840/week. My rent is $975/m so he's making 3x more. Just not sure how I can get anymore information about him.
@Matthew John You can always ask for a month or 2 in advance. I know of a situation where this family was asked for 6 monyhs and negotiated 4 months upfront. At the end of the day no matter how their past looks it's not entirely indicative of their future. It helps ofcourse but not indicative. People could be paid well sign a contract and then for whatever reason 8 months doen the road they had to takr a financial hit in salary or let go altogether. Make their contracts shorter 3-6 months and monitor that way. Allow them to build credit with you so to speak and then graduate to 1 year lease. That way if it does'nt work out then you could don't have to renew. Advice a bit unconventional but might help.
@Sam Shueh Yes he has a Michigan drivers license and provided his number. I asked for his Student Visa and Passport and he got real funny about it saying no ones asked me for that before. I told him we can't move forward until I get the Visa and Passport and I haven't heard back from him since.
@Matthew John Considering this new bit of info then, yeah I'll pass. I know what it's like to be passed over because of no history being new to the country however, I know there are those who are willing to provide whatever necessary that will satisfy in lieu of Social for example savings to pay for the duration of the lease etc. But yeah, he should have either that or the other number mentioned.
@Matthew John As an international student he shouldn't be able to work off campus without the job being an internship or some sort of school program. No matter what, if he is working legally, he should have gotten his SSN. No way is he working legally without the SSN.

I don't know how he can work on a student visa.  W/r/t to renting to international students, it would depend on the circumstances.  When I was in law school there was a 1 year program (LLM) that a lot of international students came to the US to do.  It's $64,000 and international students can't get student loans, so if they have enough cash sitting around to pay $64k for that, I wouldn't worry about the rent being affordable. 

@Matthew John As an F1 international student 5 years ago, F1 don't get ssn unless you have a job on campus (Off campus job are not allowed legally), when you get the job on Campas, you will have SSN for you to get paycheck and paying tax. If I am not student, I have to have working permit, either holding green card or other type of visa that has working permit, still I can't imagine someone has no ssn to get paid legally in anywhere in USA. I have green card so it comes with working permit, that's after I graduate and have a job basis.
@Anne Smith Wow! Great info. I thought his story was a bit odd and everyone around me is saying stop looking so deep into it. Thank you for revealing that bit of info. Last thing I want is someone destroying my place, not paying, or committing crimes.