Screening website recommendations

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I have been using to invite tenants to fill out their information to run a credit and background check. The problem is that some of the potential tenants are not internet savvy or don't have access. I cannot enter the information for them because the website asks for additional personal information to verify identity. Can anyone recommend a screening website that will allow me the run the credit/background check with the tenant's name, SSN and birthday which has been provided on the application?

Great question! I was considering posting this question myself as I’m looking for a good one as well. I was going to use SmartMove if I couldn’t find something else. Hopefully you can get some good recommendations!

Hi Dolores, did you get any answer? I need to do the same and would like to find a friendly/affordable website for tenant screening that I can insert the information that I have by myself.


I have had the same issue but have asked potential tenants to meet me at our office to complete the smartmove process with us in person. Not ideal sometimes but 99% of our potential tenants don't have an issue with it. 

Hey Chelsea Kline. I used RentPrep for the first time yesterday and I really like the options. I usually use my management app screening option but it always requires the tenant to do something and sometimes it's impossible. 

With rentprep it was quick, simple and support was efficient when I needed them to refund an option that couldn't be used. They are a great option when applicants can not be involved in the process.