Does Cash For Keys include the Security deposit? 1 Other Question

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@Ray Harrell

"The ONLY goal is to save the landlord money."

Agree 100%. No consideration what so ever for other landlords. No consideration about this being a business beyond themselves. Like I said, dog eat dog. 

If a tenant accepts a cash for keys offer once they will expect it again. When they want to move they simply stop paying rent and wait for the cash. If you have paid a tenant cash for keys guaranteed it is not their first time. 

The only way we are going to make this easier on all of us is to follow through with evictions and GET A JUDGEMENT. Otherwise, bad tenants will continue to be bad, as they will be able to rent the next place without encumbrance. GET THOSE JUDGMENTS EVEN AFTER YOU GAIN POSSESSION!!!

Fwiw, i agree tenants learn they can get away with not paying and getting money from landlord to boot

We had a nightmare experience in SF where my dads tenant (who had done it before) started not paying rent and filing complaints about my dad with the tenant board. Ultimately we had to pay him 45k to move (yes we had an attorney) - the tenant  was a protected class by being older himself.   As part of the settlement it won't go on his record.  So he will prey on elderly landlords again. 

Because of this event I would never invest in SF or any other rent controlled area. 

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