NC waiting period for abandoned unit?

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I have someone whose rent was due on the first, they didn't pay. Their number has been disconnected, and it looks like they moved out. One of the neighbors said that the perosn's family had come and moved her out. However, there is still stuff left behind. 

How soon can I go in and make repairs? Can I just put a notice saying hey, we're coming in XYZ day to do maintenance, if there is a waiting period(as that would be proper notice if she still lived there)? Do I have to wait any amount of time before removing the left behind items? 

@Chris C. I'm not an attorney but i don't think you can just assume they moved out and dump their stuff. Unless they gave you the keys and notice they will be vacating the property, you would need to do this the legal way - eviction.

I would try to contact them and get a written statement they moved out and that they removed all their stuff. Even if that might look like a garbage to you, it might still be their stuff. That way you and them will avoid eviction and you can get the place ready faster.

Otherwise, you would need to file an eviction for money owned and possession. You will then need to wait i believe 10 days for the court hearing, then another 10 days for appeal period. After that if the tenant doesn't come forward, you would get possession. But even after that, i think the tenant have another 10 days or something like that to get their stuff. 

I would not touch anything during this time. You have to do that legally.