contractor for bathroom remodel, washington state, seattle

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I'm looking for recommendations for a contractor for a bathroom remodel in Sedro Woolley, Wa. Opportunity for multiple bathrooms.  Thank you in advance!


@Sam Denny , I have zero knowledge of any contractor's in your area, however, have you looked up some property management companies in your area and asked them if they would recommend anybody. Just a thought. If you aren't already doing so, another GR8 thing to do is go to a local Meetup / REIA group, there would be a plethora of people that would have contractor recommendations at these! If you don't mind me also providing a potential starting point (contact) for your architect post (looked at your profile),

@Mike Garrett , is an architect up that way (full disclosure, I have never used him, just have seen him on BP before and he is in my colleague contact list).  Have zero knowledge if he would be interested but worth a shot!  Anyway best of luck to you and hope you find what you are looking for!

Thanks @Tony Wooldridge for the call out! 

Sam, if it is  a residential property you don't need an architect. However, finding contractors for little projects is still very difficult in the Seattle area. What kind of contractor are you looking for: plumbing, finish, carpenter? 

@Tony Wooldridge Thanks for the advice.  Unfortunately there isn't a local RE meet up in Skagit valley but calling property managers is a good idea.  I ended up finding some contractors using thumbtack and other online sources for bids.  I always like to try BP, its been helpful in the past.  Thanks for the recommendation for the architect. 

@Mike Garrett   I found an architect for the plans.  It was for a mixed used commercial/residential property by Steven's pass.  I'm looking for both but mainly someone who could do a bathroom remodel.  I have a great carpenter but he is not always available.  Thank you for reaching out!